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L'article du mois ( aout 2017)

Modelling rock wall permafrost degradation in the Mont Blanc massif from the LIA to the end of the 21st century

F.Magnin, J.-Y. Josnin, L. Ravanel, J. Pergaud, B. Pohl, and P. Deline. The Cryosphere, 11, 1813–1834, 2017

Permafrost degradation in high mountain rock walls provokes destabilisation, constituting a threat for human activities. In the Mont Blanc massif, more than 700 rockfalls have been inventoried in recent years (2003, 2007–2015). Understanding permafrost evolution is thus crucial to sustain this densely populated area. This study investigates the changes in rock wall permafrost from 1850 to the recent period and possible optimistic or pessimistic evolutions during the 21st century.

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