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Offre de post-doc

Proposal for a 12-month post-doctoral position at CRC / Biogéosciences (university of Burgundy / CNRS, Dijon, France)


 The deadline for application is 15th June 2016.

Applications are invited for a 12 month post-doctoral position starting between September 1st 2016 and November 1st 2016, on the subject: “Surface vs. dynamic forcing in a complex terrain: the case of the Mont-Blanc mountain climate” under the responsibility of the CRC team of Biogéosciences laboratory (Dijon).


Mountainous regions are strongly vulnerable to climate variability and change. This research program is focused on the Mont-Blanc massif (MBM), located at the border between France, Switzerland and Italy, and hosting the highest summit of the European Alps, the Mont-Blanc (~4810 m). The goals of the "climate" workpackage are to better understand present-day climate variability at kilometer scales around the MBM and to regionalize climate warming and changes over this complex terrain.



Work description:

Present-day climate variability is simulated over the recent years (1979-2013) by the non-hydrostatic limited area model Advanced Research Weather Research and Forecasting (ARW / WRF) model using a convection-permitting setup at a kilometer-scale resolution. Lateral boundary conditions are derived from ERA-Interim reanalyses. Ten members were performed to disentangle the model's internal vs. forced variability. The first step consists in characterizing the dynamical and the surface forcings in the WRF ensembles.

Long-term climate changes are regionalized using statistical downscaling, with local predictors derived from the digital elevation model. Focus in given on monthly precipitation amounts and daily minimum and maximum temperature. We use the instrumental period to calibrate the model, which is next applied to CMIP5 Earth System Model outputs. Both historical runs (HIST) and representative concentration pathways (RCP) 2.6 and 8.5 are considered. The second (optional) step consists in characterizing the magnitude of climate changes over the MBM for the whole 21st century, by separating uncertainties related to the models from those associated with the RCP.



Required qualifications:

Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences or physical geography obtained before the date of the application.

   1) Expertise in multivariate statistics and data analysis tools (Matlab, R, python, GrADS, ...)

   2) Experience in climatology / climate sciences

   3) Fluency in French or English languages.  


Practical information:

This post-doctoral position is funded by the ANR VIP-Mont-Blanc program. The successful applicant will be based at CRC (Dijon, France). The position will start between the 1st September and the 1st November 2016 for 12-month duration. The net monthly salary is fixed to ~2000 €.


For full consideration, an application letter including a detailed statement of research interest, along with a curriculum vitae (including research experience, publications and conferences, computing skills and different language practice). The package should be sent by email before the 15th June 2016 to:[at] with copy to julien.pergaud[at] and daniel.joly[at]




For more information, please contact:

Benjamin Pohl – Centre de Recherches de Climatologie

Tel: (+33) 3 80 39 38 21 / E-mail:[at]


For more details about the laboratory and research team, please visit: ;


For more details about the research program, please visit:


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