An Evaluation of rainfall datasets at short timescale over west-african region was undertaken at the CRC : Louvet S, Fontaine B, Roucou P. 2007. Which rainfall dataset can be used to study African monsoon at intra-seasonal timescale? Technical Note, 3 tables, 10 figures, 27 pages.

Globally the results show that GPCP is closer to observations than CMAP in terms of correlation (intra-seasonal evolution) whereas CMAP is better in terms ofbias. Thus, an improved dataset set called "MERGE" based on the GPCP variability and the CMAP distribution has been proposed for the West Africa region. MERGE is a more confident product at a fine temporal resolution (5-day) for West African studies over the recent period 1979_2000. Note that the validation of the "MERGE" dataset was made over the 1979-2000 period. The present version available for download is over the 1979 2004 period.


merge data (Text file)

merge data (Matlab file)

Text_data_Merge (pdf file)

Readme (merge.txt): First column=longitude, second column=latitude, others=precipitations at 5-day time resolution.